One-on-one lessons: Djembe, Handpan, Didgeridoo & Native American Flute

🎶 Start your musical journey from my home on the North Shore of Auckland! 🏡

Whether you're a beginner or intermediate, I've got you covered for Djembe, Handpan, Didgeridoo, and Native American Flute lessons.

In just 1 hour, with guaranteed results, we'll focus on technique, timing, soloing techniques.

Unleash your rhythm, melody, and harmony on the Handpan and Native American Flute. 🎶 learn polyrhythms on the Djembe and find your flow with circular breathing techniques on the Didgeridoo.

🌀✨ Get ready to unleash your inner musical maestro – let's jam! 🎉🎶