School Holiday Programmes

I have 2 options for holiday programmes:

Option 1

A fun interactive music sessions to suit children at all ages that involves the use of drums, shakers, loop pedal, didgeridoo and other instruments from around the world.

The sessions are based around play, music, singing, dancing and games to help teach life skills such as team work, taking turns, sharing, listening and observing skills and other core values.

Learn the rhythms of Africa in a stimulating and fun environment.

I also bring my loop pedal and we create songs that everyone gets to add their bit to (my version of NZ's got talent!).

Guaranteed to get your students rocking!

Sessions are up to one hour long.

Option 2

African Drumming classes - Learning multi layered rhythms on African style drums (Djembe and Dundun's) as well as solo parts.

I teach traditional African poly rhythms as well as some of my own compilations with Drums provided.

At the end of the session the students would be able to do a performance if they choose. Songs and African dancing is also available.